Waiting for your Tern

Collaboratively written by Meredith Elliott, Dan Robinette, Emily Rice, and Lishka Arata Point Blue Biologist Emily Rice waited as she watched hours of video footage and she finally found: a hatching California least tern! See if you can identify the minute when 2 eggs become 1 egg and one chick in the video below. It


Science News: Farallones Restoration, Sierra Meadows and Land Trusts, and more

Adult ashy storm-petrel captured during night time mist-netting on the Farallon Islands. Credit:Ilana Nimz/Point Blue/USFWS. Species Recovery within Reach on the Farallones Our science shows striking species recovery potential through the removal of invasive house mice from Southeast Farallon Island. There is an intricate relationship between the house mouse, the Burrowing Owl, and the threatened


How do we live with fire in California?

By Manuel Oliva, CEO As we cope with yet another season of devastating fires throughout California, as well as associated power outages, my first thoughts are for everyone who has been affected. Having seen many of our staff, who live across the state be directly impacted by the loss of power for days, and some