RFP Now Available for Restoration Projects

The Roots Program is the result of a $26 million block grant award to Point Blue from the California Wildlife Conservation Board. Over the next four years, the Roots Program will build wildlife-friendly resilience and equity in California’s working landscapes through restoration and habitat improvement projects on farms and ranches. Point Blue will prioritize outreach


Groundbreaking Awards Will Accelerate Restoration Across California

We are thrilled to share the news that the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) has awarded Point Blue two major restoration-oriented block grants. In total, the two grants represent $50 million over four years for science-based restoration with particular focus on community engagement, research, and equity building across California.


Restoring Wetlands: A Strategy to Address Climate, Biodiversity, and Water

By Dr. Kristen Dybala, Principal Ecologist No matter where you live, you’re likely to have a wetland somewhere nearby. Wetlands include any land that is saturated with water at least some of the time, like marshes and mangroves along our coasts, floodplains and wet meadows along rivers and streams, and vernal pools and prairie potholes.