Science News: Fire, Owls, and Farallon Gulls

The Benefits of Fire for Birds Fire is a phenomenon that may not be easy to think positively about when it comes to areas where we live, especially in California right now. But the story is more complicated than whether fire is all good or all bad. In the Sierra Nevada our research has revealed


An Abundance of Insight into Community-Based Restoration

by Celida Moran, Restoration and Education Technician For many people on the San Francisco Peninsula, Half Moon Bay has long been a weekend destination to enjoy locally caught seafood, coastal hikes, accessible beaches, and plant nurseries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the area has only increased in popularity as people continue to seek outlets for outdoor


Antarctica 2020-21: An Unusual Season

This update on our conservation work in Antarctica comes to you from the only three biologists that were able to go this past season due to restrictions with the COVID-19 global pandemic. We start with some video field updates from Seasonal Field Technician Parker Levinson and then we hear from Antarctic Program Director Dr. Annie