Rails, Camera, Action!

Last year, we began a new pilot study to investigate how extreme high tides are really affecting these secretive marsh birds. We’re putting cameras out during the winter high tides to spy on the rails without disturbing them.


Lynne Stenzel: the Woman, the Myth, the Legend

This year marks a big milestone in Point Blue’s people history. Lynne Stenzel retired at the end of March after 50 years of being on staff with the organization. She’s the last to retire of the folks who were with the organization starting in the 1970s and has such a wealth of knowledge about the organization’s history: its science, its culture, its characters.


We’ve Got a Secret

You may remember the beautiful pieces of art that Melinda (Millie) Whipplesmith Plank created in collaboration with Point Blue scientists back in 2020 entitled “Nursery Guardians” and “Hidden Railway” (if not take a look at our previous post here). Well, she did it again! Except this time highlighting some of our coastal work with threatened