SEFI’s Giant Gray Visitors

Each winter the waters surrounding the Farallon Islands teem with charcoal-colored, behemoth-sized visitors arriving from the north… the Gray Whale!


A Surprise Encounter with Sei Whales

Summer on the Farallones isn’t all about the birds. In addition to daily opportunistic sightings, we conduct standard 1-hour whale watches from atop Lighthouse Hill to document the timing and abundance of Cetaceans around the island. These data are useful in particular for showing where whales are in relation to the shipping lanes leading into


Winter Whales Linger On

While the winter season here at Southeast Farallon Island usually focuses on the soap-opera-esque, high stakes drama of elephant seal pupping and mating season, there are many other marine mammals that utilize the high productivity and unique location of the Farallon islands in their ocean travels.   These islands are a regular stopover for other seals