What is that MUSKY smell?

SEFI is bustling with many smells… the fragrance of blooming weeds, the fetid whiff of marine mammals, the ambrosial scents of a Sunday brunch, the putrid smells of seabird guano, the tantalizing aroma of Jen’s fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and many more. But, of all the myriad smells we experience daily on this island, my


The Birds Have Arrived!

The seabird breeding season on the Farallons has begun! We’ve been watching Common Murres, Brandt’s Cormorants, Cassin’s Auklets, and Pigeon Guillemots arrive to the islands, as they do each spring/summer season. Common Murres at nesting sites The first birds to start nesting were the Cassin’s Auklets. These are cute little seabirds that hang out at


Spring, Seabirds, and Spray

In mid March, after 3.5 months on the island, the winter crew departed in one of our seasonal crew switches. It is now seabird season, and the seasons of wildlife have changed with the weather. After a very wet March with storms from the south, clear skies, and strong northwest winds have returned, as you can