Many More Migrants!!!

Since the Farallonathon, we have been quite busy counting and banding good numbers of migrant birds. On Oct 5th, this juvenile tundrius Peregrine Falcon rested briefly on the island before continuing south. On the 7th, we captured an apparently pure Yellow-shafted Flicker female and at the same time a male Flicker Intergrade.  On the Farallones, pure


Farallonathon Results

With a promising weather forecast calling for light south winds, we eagerly anticipated the final two days of our Farallonathon – a week-long fundraiser that helps fund our study of the island’s wildlife. DAY 6 – The winds were perfectly southeast and light, but the visibility was too far, so the great landbird wave must


The Farallonathon has Begun

On Sept 28th, we started our annual fundraiser that we call the Farallonathon!  Initiated in 1992, the Farallonathon was created to recognize the truly unique elements of the Farallones, while at the same time participating in PRBO’s Annual Bird-A-Thon.  The Farallonathon consists of a one week bio-blitz where we identify as many species of wildlife