A Weaner's World

A young Northern elephant seal’s life is difficult from the start. At the very moment a pup emerges from the comfort of the mother’s womb, it is greeted by a harsh and violent world. Other mothers may threaten the newborn, often with their teeth, if it wanders or wobbles too close. A neighboring cow might


Clash of the Titans

The last of the elephant seal cows departed a week ago, leaving Sand Flat entirely to the weaned pups and some straggler males that are resting up before heading out to sea. The elephant seal breeding season is technically over. Before we get into telling you all about the lives of the weaners, we thought


Mandermonium with the Farallon Arboreal Salamander

Salamanders are known to be exceptional indicators of ecosystem health because they breathe through their skin making them susceptible to changes in water or air quality.  A long-term project was started on SEFI in 2006 to monitor abundance and population trends of the endemic arboreal salamanders.  Over 100 cover boards were placed at survey sites