Walk this Way – for Storm Petrel Wings

Every five days on Southeast Farallon, an overworked and windblown (but well fed) intern has to undertake the burden of what is euphemistically named the “Ashy Wing Walk.” This falsely conjures up images of a casual stroll while marveling at the flutter of wings as storm petrels dance like fairies around your head. If only.


Another new breeding species on the Farallones!

California Gull on the nest Over the last few seasons we have seen an influx of new breeding species on the island (or at least a return of some species that had not bred here in a very long time). First were California Gulls, which suddenly started breeding on SEFI during 2008. This was not


It’s big, it’s gray and it’s here to stay!

Back in December, we told you about the demise of the crane at East Landing (see It’s big, it’s blue, it’s broken!). This is our main way of getting people and gear on and off the island. The ocean around the Farallones can be very rough, especially during winter storms or high swells and there