There She Blows!

We have just had the height of the grey whale migration pass by our little rocky island where they are travelling 5,000- 6,800 miles from the cold Bering and Chukchi seas in the North to warm breeding grounds in Baja California. This is the longest migration recorded of any mammal. For the first few weeks


Ahoy There!

Boat landing days are great and we are extremely thankful to all of those involved. Outer Limits as the fog descends Firstly we would like to thank the skippers for volunteering to bring their boats laden with our supplies whatever the weather. Thanks to the boat ‘Sari Ann’ and her skippers Warren Sankey and Alan


The Young and the Restless

The elephant seal season is now at its full peak. When we first arrived in early December, the majority of elephant seal haul-out sites were occupied by molting immature seals and resting sea lions. These animals soon made way for the arriving pregnant and cantankerous elephant seal cows and aggressive males which have been vying