Farallonathon 2019!

From September 27 to October 3, the fall crew conducted the 28th annual Farallonathon, the Southeast Farallon Island rendition of Point Blue’s annual Bird-a-thon fundraiser. Points are awarded for each unique species of bird, marine mammal, bat, fish, salamander, dragonfly and butterfly throughout the week. Supporters are encouraged to pledge a donation per point earned during the Farallonathon to help support our research and conservation work on the Farallones. Or, you can simply make a donation in a fixed dollar amount. Every bit helps. This year the Farallonathon resulted in a total of 128 points and includes highlights such as Painted Bunting and Yellow-green Vireo. Click below for a detailed day by day accounting of our sightings and Thank You for supporting Point Blue’s Farallon Program.