What do gulls eat?

Western Gulls.  Photo: RJ Roush ‘Much that is good and all that is evil has gathered itself up into the Western Gull.…cruel of beak and bottomless of maw…this gull asks only two question of any other living thing: First, “Am I hungry?” (Ans. “Yes”) Second, “Can I get away with it?” (Ans. “I’ll try).’  So


Pinniped Necropsies on the Farallones

(Warning some photos may be a bit graphic) PRBO Conservation Science, in collaboration with other agencies, performed pinniped (seal and sea lion) necropsies during the 2012-2013 winter season on SEFI. All carcasses were recovered in a safe manner and with minimal disturbance to live pinnipeds. Aborted California Sea Lion (CSL) fetuses were first noticed on