Introducing the Farallon Yellowstart

Fall migration is in full swing on the Southeast Farallon Islands, and the resident researchers recently had a great taste of just how birdy the islands can be when the weather conditions are ideal.


Farallonathon 2019!

From September 27 to October 3, the fall crew conducted the 28th annual Farallonathon, the Southeast Farallon Island rendition of Point Blue’s annual Bird-a-thon fundraiser. Points are awarded for each unique species of bird, marine mammal, bat, fish, salamander, dragonfly and butterfly throughout the week. Supporters are encouraged to pledge a donation per point earned during the Farallonathon to help support our research and conservation work on the Farallones. Or, you can simply make a donation in a fixed dollar amount. Every bit helps. This year the Farallonathon resulted in a total of 128 points and includes highlights such as Painted Bunting and Yellow-green Vireo. Click below for a detailed day by day accounting of our sightings and Thank You for supporting Point Blue’s Farallon Program.