Lighthouses and Migrants

For the first few decades that PRBO worked on the Farallones, a powerful rotating light on the lighthouse acted as a beacon to lost ships, birds, and bats.  An analysis of 38 years of hoary bat arrivals on the island revealed that nights during the dark phases of the moon had a greater likelihood of


The Waves Keep Rolling In

 Migration usually happens in waves and is not just one steady phenomenon.  These waves tend to follow the weather patterns as high and low pressure systems slide past from west to east.  Interestingly, on the East Coast fall migration tends to pick up after a low pressure system passes because lows spin counter-clockwise, which create


Another Fogged-in Day On The Farallones

Our 2012 Fall crew is just getting settled in here on Southeast Farallon Island.  After two weeks, September has arrived, and so have lots of migrating landbirds, shorebirds, and even our first shark attack of the fall! As you might have guessed, we have had some fairly foggy weather up to this point, (socked in