Point Blue staff bring their passion and dedication to inspire positive conservation outcomes for a healthy, blue planet teeming with life.

Emily Allen
STRAW Project Manager

Hilary Allen
Avian Ecologist

Lishka Arata
Communications Coordinator

Stacey Atchley-Manzer
Donor Communications Manager

Grant Ballard, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer

Blake Barbaree
Avian Habitat Ecologist

Jennifer Benson
Restoration Project Manager, STRAW

Ryan Burnett
Sierra Nevada Group Director

Lee Callero
Payroll/Accounts Payable/HR

Brent Campos
Northern Sierra Program Leader

Chelsea Carey, Ph.D.
Senior Soil Ecologist

Karen Carlson
Staff Accountant, Grant and Contracts Manager

Ellie Cohen
President & CEO

Renée Cormier
Avian Ecologist

Mark Dettling
Avian Ecologist

Ryan DiGaudio
California Partners in Flight Coordinator, Ecologist

Dave Dixon
Snowy Plover Biologist

Kristen E. Dybala, Ph.D.
Senior Research Ecologist

Meredith Elliott
Senior Scientist, ACCESS Program Biologist

Megan Elrod
San Francisco Bay Biologist & Librarian

Bonnie Eyestone
Partner Biologist

Carleton Eyster
Snowy Plover Biologist

Michael Fitzgibbon
Chief Technology Officer

Alissa Fogg
Central Sierra Project Leader

Nancy Gamble
Director of Philanthropy

Kelly Garbach, Ph.D.
Senior Ecologist

Thomas Gardali
Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group Director

Doug George
Avian Ecologist

Geoffrey Geupel
Emerging Programs and Partnerships Group Director

Leia Giambastiani
Restoration Projects Manager

Wendell Gilgert
Working Lands Program Director

Gina Graziano
Education Coordinator

Katie Guntly
Rangeland Watershed Initiative Partner Biologist

Lynne Hargett
Coastal Program Biologist

Maya Hayden, Ph.D.
Coastal Adaptation Program Leader

Alicia Herrera
Rangeland Watershed Initiative Partner Biologist

Catherine Hickey
Conservation Director

Jeffrey Holton
Facilities Manager

Julie Howar
Coastal Program Biologist, GIS Specialist

Kate Howard
Rangeland Watershed Initiative Partner Biologist

Diana Humple
Avian Ecologist & Banding Coordinator

Jaime Jahncke, Ph.D.
California Current Group Director

Mike Johns
Farallon Program Biologist

Dennis Jongsomjit
GIS Specialist

Jaime Lilly
Community Engagement Manager

Martin Magana
Informatics Engineer

Kyle Marsh
Partner Biologist

Pete McCormick
Advancement Operations Manager

Drew Mealor
Restoration and Outreach Technician

Jamie Miller
Coastal Program Biologist

Doug Moody
Database Programmer

Kristie Nelson
Mono Lake California Gull Project Manager

Kriss Neuman
Waterbird Ecologist

Nadav Nur
Quantitative Ecologist

Bre Owens
Rangeland Watershed Initiative Coordinator

John Parodi
STRAW Restoration Manager

Luke Petersen
Partner Biologist

Melissa Pitkin
Outreach and Education Group Director

Alison Pollack
STRAW Restoration Technician

Mel Preston
Rangeland Field Ecologist

Nathaniel Reese
Rangeland Watershed Initiative Partner Biologist

Matt Reiter, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist / Quantitative Ecologist

Jay Roberts, Ph.D.
Avian Forest Ecologist

Dan Robinette
Senior Scientist, Coastal Marine Program Leader

Cotton Rockwood
Senior Marine Ecologist

Laurette Rogers
STRAW Program Director

Tiffany Russell
Rangeland Watershed Initiative Partner Biologist

Leo Salas, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

Annie Schmidt, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher

Briana Schnelle
Rangeland Watershed Initiative Partner Biologist

Laurel Schuyler
Assistant Controller

Nathaniel E. Seavy, Ph.D.
Research Director

Kristin Sesser
Avian Ecologist

Corey Shake
Partner Biologist, Rangeland Watershed Initiative

David Shuford
Senior Biologist

Lynne Stenzel
Senior Wetland Ecologist

Isaiah Thalmayer
STRAW Project Manager

Jim Tietz
Farallon Program Biologist

Sam Veloz, Ph.D.
Climate Adaptation Group Director

Marian Vernon
Sierra Meadow Adaptation Leader

Zach Warnow
Director of Communications

Pete Warzybok
Farallon Program Biologist

Kelly Weintraub
Rangeland Watershed Initiative Partner Biologist

Carrie Wendt
Partner Biologist

Lara White
STRAW Project Manager

Suzie Winquist
Partner Biologist

Julian Wood
San Francisco Bay Program Leader